Counseling for Kids, Youth and Families

For parents, there's nothing more important than the health and well-being of their children.  Mental and emotional support is important for kids and teens, and counseling can help nurture, heal, and create space for kids to express, process, explore and grow. Young people's emotional worlds can be just as complex as adults' but need to be tended to in unique ways.  Judith has many years of specialized experience and training working with children and teens, and young people find it easy to connect to and be at ease with her.



Children experience change, transition and challenges in their own ways.  They are not immune to what is happening around them in their world.  Whether it is divorce, transition, social anxiety, trauma, abuse, or behavioral issues, children can benefit immensely from having a safe space to work out their feelings and emotions that they cannot quite verbalize in the same way as adults.  Through play therapy and creative interventions, Judith can help children process difficult emotions and learn coping skills even from a young age. 



Teens are not quite adults but no longer kids.  So much is happening in their inner worlds and relationships.  Identity formation is crucial and many teens experience anxiety, depression, low self-esteem in ways that can be challenging for a family to deal with alone.  Therapy can help and now is an important time for your teenager to have the space to process the pressures, demands, anxieties, and struggles of what it is like to be a youth in our world today.  



Whether resolving conflict, working on boundaries, or generally wishing to improve family relations, counseling can provide an objective third party to help facilitate and work through difficult issues and conversations. Family counseling can be between siblings, a parent and a child, or any combination of family members.  Families dynamics can feel set and difficult to change, but with work, growth, improvement, and increased closeness is all possible.