It's natural to have questions before getting started.  Here are some answers to common ones that might come up. 

The Counseling Process 

what is the purpose of therapy?

The purpose of therapy is to have a safe place to discuss your inner most thoughts and feelings, to verbally process present and past events, to heal, grow, change, improve relationships and/or cope with life circumstances.  Therapy can also help you reach goals in the areas of work, school, family, self-care, and relationships. 



Frequency of appointments can be determined together,  during the first few sessions when we get to know your goals for counseling.  The most common frequency, both for effectiveness of treatment and maintaining momentum is meeting once a week. Sometimes, meeting every other week is more feasible or sufficient if we have entered into the maintenance phase.  Judith may provide recommendations, but ultimately it is what works best for you. 


can we talk about anything? 

Yes. Counseling is your valuable time.  Sometimes you will have something related to the treatment goals we have initially set, but sometimes you will want to talk about a topic unrelated or a more present and urgent situation.  All is relevant as it all pertains to you, the client.  You can bring whatever it is you that you find you need to process into our time together. 


Does anyone need to know that I am in counseling? 

It is up to you whether you want to tell others about your personal decision.  If you wish for Judith to be in touch with your physician or psychiatrist for treatment purposes, you will be given a release to sign before any information is exchanged.  


HOW Long before i feel better? 

It all depends on what you are wishing to work on and what your short and long term goals are.  The first few sessions you can expect to spend telling your story and providing context to your concerns.  Therapy can be short-term or it can be longer, depending on your rate of progress and what issues you wish to focus on.  For example, premarital counseling or career counseling may only take 5-10 sessions, but deeply rooted trauma work may take longer.  


when will i know that i have completed therapy? 

We can navigate this together, but often times clients and therapists have a sense when their time is drawing to a close.  Goals have been met, growth achieved, and you may feel a general sense of feeling well-equipped to cope with life situations without the help of regular appointments. 


Rates and Insurance

How much will counseling cost? 

The rate for a standard 50 minute session is $155. Payment can be made in cash, credit card, or by check. 


will my insurance cover sessions? 

Most insurance plans have a mental health benefit.  Some plans require pre-authorization for coverage so be sure to call your insurance company prior to your first appointment.  When you call your insurance company you may wish to ask if there is a deductible, if there is a co-pay and how many sessions you are allowed per year.  Judith accepts insurance as an out-of-network provider, which means you will be responsible for the fee up front, and she will provide you with an invoice and all the information necessary for you to submit to your insurance company.  You will then be mailed a reimbursement directly from your insurance.  


do you provide sliding scale/adjusted rates? 

Yes, for those who qualify.  Judith is happy to see clients of all income levels, including full-time students in her practice. Please let Judith know if you think you may qualify for the sliding scale fee and she can give you an adjusted rate depending on your income. 



Location, Office, and Availability

where is your office located?

To offer the most flexibility and convenience for clients, Judith has offices in Wallingford and South Seattle.  For a map and exact addresses, please click here. 


i live far and/or work long hours.  do you offer teletherapy options? 

Yes, video sessions and phone sessions are common for clients who cannot easily get to the Seattle area during the week, or whose availability and/or location makes it challenging to meet face to face within the hours Judith has available.  Many find they prefer the convenience of teletherapy to an office visit, as sessions can be held in the workplace during lunch, the comfort of a client's home, or anywhere that they feel comfortable.


What are your hours?

Currently, Judith has availability on Mondays in Beacon Hill, Tuesdays and Thursdays in Wallingford, and Wednesdays in Hillman City.  Please contact her about current availability.

Next Steps

How do i get started? 

Set up a free consultation over the phone or in person, or contact Judith to set up a first appointment. She will respond as soon as possible and help you set up a time to chat or meet in person.