Trauma and PTSD


 We often experience upsetting events in our lives, or have had less than ideal childhoods, or have experienced damaging relationships that can have lasting impact in ways we may or may not be aware of.  Trauma can manifest in different ways, and can lead to anxiety, depression, low self-image, to name a few.  Often times, the stigma around abuse, sexual or physical, can keep us from seeking help and many times, trauma goes untreated yet it never quite goes away.  Together, we can process these things that have left hooks in our heart, in a safe and healthy way, and learn that our past does not need to hold us back any longer. 

Judith is a trained EMDR practitioner, a model proven to be effective in helping facilitate the healing of traumatic experiences.  Clients who undergo EMDR therapy report marked improvement in symptoms within just a few sessions.  For more information, visit the EMDR page or contact Judith today.